Modeling Mistakes

Child Actor LA On Avoiding Common Modeling Mistakes

Just as the modeling industry is a large industry, the modeling scam industry is just as large. Scams are rampant and it is very easy for a new and naive model to get roped into one of these scams. A scam is not a real part of the modeling industry and will not help you get into modeling in any way. If anything, getting involved with a scam can cost you time and money. Read Child Actor LA Scam prevention tips to find more.

Tell Tale Signs of a Scam

Many scams are apparent upfront if you know the basic signs to watch for. A scam will make big promises. They may be acting like they are a modeling agency or a photographer. You will usually have to pay a large amount of money upfront before they do anything for you.
They may not have an actual office and may have you go to a hotel or some other location to meet with them. Photographer scams may never actually get you any photos and if you do get photos they will be far from the professional image you want.

Categories of Scams

Scams can be labeled as an actual scam, a rip off or a bad business.
Scams are illegal and fraudulent operations. They never deliver on any promises and do no actual work for the money you pay them. Usually once you pay them money they will disappear and you won't ever be able to find them or get your money back.
Rip offs are not actually illegal. They may actually have a couple real models that they have really helped. However, they are not choosy about who they represent as long as you pay them upfront. They never tell you that you cannot succeed or that you will be limited in the type of work you can get. All they do is make promises. They will charge you signing fees or make you take a class before they will work with you.

Real Agencies

A real agency or agent is not going to take money from you upfront. They will be choosy about what models they take on. They may tell you that you are limited in what you can do. They will talk to you before signing you. They will have an office and they will have models who have been successful to show you. They will likely have a good reputation in the industry as well.
It is very important that you do not get wrapped up in a scam. You could lose a lot of money and waste a lot of time in dealing with a scam. It simply is not something that will make the beginning of your career pleasant. Many aspiring models even give up because of a bad experience with a scam.

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