Child Actor La allows for children to strive within a competitive industry

The children’s success within the field of acting is something which can be only obtained with continuous training. Child Actor LA has lead in the aspects of personal growth, including pertaining to the children’s result within the auditioning process. Focused effort in any and all aspects of acting, commercials, film and television, and the repetitive participation of the child within the classroom environment makes the difference whether she works or does not. In business for 16 years, the institution has hugely impacted the industry and consequently, a vast number of children becoming working actors, come from Child Actor LA. The agents who sign up the children, top LA agents have access to all the work which you can watch daily on TV, Film, and see on print work.


In order to get admitted into the school, the applicant is put through an evaluation process which allows for the faculty member to identify the child’s natural abilities and find out if the child can take good directions.  We never completely close our door on a child, as an applicant who does not make it into our institution, is allowed to re-apply every three to six months. The exercise which the applicant child gets to do after the presentation on open house day, allows for the child to get a huge amount of work done, right there and then in many aspects of personal growth and assertiveness. The children who get accepted embark on an amazing journey, and have access to the most rewarding jobs in the industry. We welcome industry professionals on weekly basis, who audition our graduates. 98, 99 percent of our children, get signed and are out there auditioning and working, most week end. This opportunity to meet industry people is offered by very few institutions in Santa Barbara, LA, and Orange County.


Our children indeed, get signed and book an incredible amount of work! We like to admit children whose parents are willing to take them to LA in order to fulfil the process of auditioning. However we have families, who would happily go every week to any and all auditions, while other parents only like to make the trip the auditions once a month or less. There is no pressure on the part of the agents and it is the family’s decision in each and every case, to decide whether they wish to participate on any given day. As an institution, we want the children extremely well trained and ready. But the parents, are the decisive factor for the work/chauffeurs.
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